Lynx Luna Maine Coon uppfödare sverige

Babies on Board!

We are Happy to announce that
Dam Lynx Luna Silver Springs will Have Kittens with..
Sire Dirigo Penobscot P of Lynx Luna
in November!

The picture is of the Dam herself as a kitten of barely 4 weeks.

This is a DREAM for us, we have been waiting for a couple of Years now to make this unique Mating with so much Maine n the Pedigree we can study it for ever. ; )

We are truly grateful to Beth at Dirigo, Kerry at Sebagomist and Donna at Thunderpaws for their trust in us.
And their friendship! We hope to see You all in 2021 again.

Now this is a long awaited litter and our Fall has been really busy, and is. But I haven’t forgot I have emails to attend to…

And- thanks to Taschanas Maine Coon our silver princess Lynx Luna dies Lunae Silver Star P- is now also most likely pregnant with hunky blue Sire Tascahans Bertha P and those kittens will be born early January.

Therefor we hope to make everyone who has been waiting with great patience happy this Winter!

Keep your Eyes on Insta!

Happy Wednesday!