We have two females, one male and one youngster currently living with us, in our house. We also have a few fertile cats with close friends and relatives that will or have contribute to our breeding program, please visit "KATTER" and "UTÖKADE FAMILJEN" for the names of our cats, pedigrees, health results and pictures.



If You take a look under "BILDGALLERI" You will find kittens from us that are living as pets, pictures both from their childhood up until now.

Under the headline "BLOGG" we try to write some stories from our lives and thoughts around breeding, for a bigger amount of pictures; follow us on Instagram: lynx_luna

On this picture is Dirigo Silver Seas of Lynx Luna, one of our first American imports.


Newborn litter from our Silver Queen from Maine, DIrigo SIlverseas of Lynx Luna and Sire Dirigo Penobscot of Lynx Luna! This is her last litter before she retires from breeding. The kittens are all Silver Tabby (Classic or Mackerel) with or without white. We have three females and two males, 3 of them are poly. Kittens for breeding will not be sold back to USA. We already have one breeder in Sweden that are interested (and we also might keep) so we will not sell anything more for breeding in Sweden. This is a unique all american mating, that will not happen again. PEDIGREE

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We also we have plans for our white male above, living with friends, and 9 month young on the picture above. His name is Lynx Luna Ymer PP and he has or big pride and joy, the foundation Bluebell of Lynx Luna in his pedigree. Later this fall he might date Taschanas Chattie PP of Lynx Luna. 4WD- kittens can be expected beginning of 2020, white kittens or black or blue tabbies with or without white.
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Our small familycentered Cattery in Sweden has a unique connection with Maine, the State in north eastern USA, and the home of the Maine Coon cat. The Bell family (our friends since 20 years) are born and raised in Maine, with a Maine Coon Cat literally ON their shoulders. They are unvaluable, beeing family to us as well as a part of the Lynx Luna team, critical Coonhunters as they are!>

With their help we have found new Foundations, new blood, that we have included in our breeding program. Bluebell of Lynx Luna is a new addition to the breed that took us all about a year to find>

We have also imported precious American Bloodlines from Dirigo, Thunderpaws and Sebagomist, all Breeders in Maine, USA. Our cats are unique in Sweden.

We also travel to Maine of course – the most recent trip was Fall 2018 when our whole family stayed for 3 weeks. The swedish part of Lynx Luna is a family of six – two adults and four kids aged 6, 9, 11 and 13 Years old. Our kittens are raised under foot in our house, with kids and friends coming over. We make perfect family cats. The parents of the kittens are of course very well cared for, and tested both genetically (HCM and PK Def) and by Specialists regarding HCM (by Ultrasound) and HD (by hip-X-ray).

We only sell pet-kittens neutered, and they are raised with the best possible food. BARF and RAW. You can find some more information under "ABOUT"

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