Lynx Luna Maine Coon katteri kattungar

Mum Lynx Luna Astarte PP

is a supermum in every way. This is her third (and last litter), she has gotten one and four kittens in the previous litters, and this time she got eight healthy kittens! She has always had a natural birth with no necessary interventions and she gives birth in a steady progress.

During kitten-upbringing she is there all the way, we have never needed to help any kitten with extra supply of milk. She eats like a horse and spends her days nursing and sleeping. A natural talent.

We think this is a blessing and a huge part in such nice temper in each and every kitten from her.

Now this will be her last litter, she is a Foundation 2 and we will move forward in our breeding. We hope for some of this lovely kittens to spread in the world.

The Boy we keep for evaluation might stay with us or end up making someone else happy. Time will tell.

On Monday the 17th they will meet the Vet for the first time- and we look forward to update You after that.