Maine Coon Lynx Luna uppfödare stockholm kattungar

All American Dream Litter made @ LYNX LUNA!

WOULDN’T THAT be something!
Here we have Lynx Luna Silver Springs, our beautiful brown Tabby, Queen and Leader of the pack, behind her, her new Lover from Maine- Dirigo Penobscot of Lynx Luna.
They really get along great at the moment so I think our Cinnamon Bun soon is ready to take on a new Litter of great Kittens. : )
Lynx Luna Silver Springs is the Result of our trip to Maine 2015 and Penobscot we picked up on our latest in 2018.

Together they will make Kittens that will be the closest to going to Maine yourself.
I dare to say, that this is something You just can’t get in Europe at the time, other than from us.
Clones: 10,9%.
Full Pedigree, kittens will be Foundation 6, both poly or non-poly is possible.

Här är andra paret ut, svårt att säga vilka som hinner först, men det är båda unika parningar.