We are a registered swedish cattery breeding real Maine Coons. Our ambitions is to breed outcross kittens.

We are a big family of true cat lovers who live on the countryside outside Stockholm, Sweden. After a lifetime living with cats we wanted to breed this Gentle Giant that seems to love it up here in Scandinavia, were the winters are long and snowy.

Why? Well, first of all we love Maine Coons above all cats. They are the perfect family members (we have four kids and the cats' quality as family members is really beeing tested at our house). Second it hurts us to see how in some parts of Europe show qualities come before health – health of the Gentle Giant! Our friend and beloved ones are NOTHING without their good health, both mental and physical. Who has not met dogs bred so hard that they get aggressive? The same could happen to the worlds best family member, but not under the roof at Lynx Luna! Therefore our ambition is to breed more outcross, with Maine bloodlines, that are rather new to Europe, and a fresh addition to the gene pool . Read more about outcross cats.


By breeding outcross with fresh genes added to the gene pool we hope to lessen the few health problems of this cat, and not add up on them. That is our way to really care about this adorable and cool cat on its way to new owners. As a medical candidate I find it obvious that by maximizing genetic variability we insure hybrid vigor, and maintain a healthy gene pool for the long term survival of the Maine Coon breed. This is not something I can do by myself or just in a few years, but Team Lynx Luna are very dedicaded.

We will breed Polys and non-Polys. For us it is just a matter of the Maine Coons variability. Our cats are negative (N/N) for MyBPC 3, one gene known to cause HCM, and negative for PKDef, we will scan their hearts with ultrasound- Echocardiography- to look for HCM or other faults with their hearts that make them unsuitable for breeding. We will also do X-ray of their hips to discover HD or other errors. Along with all other veterinarian check ups that comes along during the way.

We feed our cats with the best food, much BARF (homemade, often raw food, rich in protein) and the cats will always live with us in our house and garden, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Feel fre to ask us if you want to know more about what is important for us, other than to breed healthy family members with a super temper and try to breed better and better litters but with a lot of patience and love along the way. We are always ready and more than willing to stay up to date and to learn and relearn during our journey.


Our small familycentered cattery in Sweden has a unique connection with Maine, the state in north eastern USA, and the home of the Maine Coon cat.
Katie and Eric and their daughters are our friends since 20 years, all of them born ”true Mainers” (thats what you say up there, and that is what counts). They are born and raised with a Maine Coon literally ON their shoulders. They are unvaluable, beeing family as well as a part of the Lynx Luna team, critical Coonhunters as they are!
Going from stateline to stateline in their true search for Coons in old and hidden farms, owned by generations. Cats, who can be the very foundation on which we bring new blood to the breed. We also travel from Sweden to Maine of course- this is our hobby- and like all hobbys we want the most exceptionell and unique cat there is. And they mostly live in Maine. ;) Last time we went was 2018, that time we came home with the silverboy Penobscot!